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25g 30g Medical Titanium Block Dental Pure Titanium Denture Processing Material

Place of Origin Shanxi China (mainland)
Brand Name NewFuture Titanium
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number 25-30g
Minimum Order Quantity 100 pieces
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Inner packaging:plastic bag packaged with supporting thing inside Outer packaging:plywood case with strips as you request
Delivery Time 2-15 working days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card, Money Gram
Supply Ability 1000000pieces
Product Details
Material Titanium Alloy Model 20-30g
Size Customized Size TContent (%) 99.6%
Weight 20-30g Application Medical
High Light

30g Medical Titanium Block


Pure Titanium Denture


Dental Pure Titanium Block

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Product Description





25g 30g Medical Titanium Block Dental Pure Titanium Denture Processing Material




Heat Treament


Titanium alloys are subjected to enhanced heat treatment, that is, solid solution and aging treatment. This process can significantly improve the strength of the alloy, and the purpose is to obtain comprehensive properties of high strength and good plasticity. Titanium alloy strengthening heat treatment consists of two steps of solution treatment and aging. This is a rather complicated process. The residual α phase remains unchanged when quenched and heated at high temperature, and the β phase can be transformed into α, α” and ω according to the alloy composition. , β and other metastable phases, these metastable phases transform into dispersed (α+β) phases during the aging process, making the alloy significantly strengthened


Because titanium is extremely active, it is easily polluted by carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and oxygen, which will deteriorate the properties of the alloy. Therefore, vacuum furnace or argon protection should be used for heat treatment of titanium alloys; if it is heated in an oxidizing atmosphere, it should be strictly controlled. And remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece. There are more and more titanium alloy parts that need vacuum heat treatment, in addition to the usual stress relief annealing of titanium alloy sheet metal parts and castings, solution treatment and aging treatment of titanium alloy fastening standard parts, and hydrogen removal annealing of titanium alloys Both need to be carried out in a vacuum furnace, and the constrained aging treatment of high-strength titanium alloy sheet metal parts must also be carried out in a vacuum furnace. Vacuum heat treatment is a key process in the manufacturing process of titanium alloy parts, and its final performance depends to a large extent on the correct conduct of heat treatment.

One of the main parameters of vacuum heat treatment is the vacuum working pressure. The aviation industry standard stipulates that in the process of vacuum annealing, in order to avoid vacuum surface corrosion caused by too low vacuum pressure, the vacuum working pressure should generally be controlled at not less than 2×10-3Pa . Some use high-purity argon for partial pressure control.













Product Name: 25g 30g Medical Titanium Block Dental Pure Titanium Denture Processing Material
TContent (%) 99.6%
Color: Primary
Technique: forging
Surface : polished
Weight: 25-30g
Application: mechanical










25g 30g Medical Titanium Block Dental Pure Titanium Denture Processing Material 0













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