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Supply TC4 GR5 Machined And Corrosion ResistanceTitanium Cake

Place of Origin Shanxi China (mainland)
Brand Name NewFuture Titanium
Minimum Order Quantity 1kg
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Inner packaging:plastic bag packaged with supporting thing inside Outer packaging:plywood case with strips as you request
Delivery Time Depend on real situation,AS general:2-15days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card, Money Gram
Supply Ability 10 ton
Product Details
Cross-border Package Weight 1kg Unit Weight 1kg
Material TC4 Place Of Origin Baoji
Use Industry Whether It Is A Hazardous Chemical No
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Product Description

Supply TC4 GR5 Machined And Corrosion ResistanceTitanium Cake


Heat Treatment:

Titanium is an allotrope with a melting point of 1668°C. When it is lower than 882°C, it has a close-packed hexagonal lattice structure, which is called α-titanium; when it is above 882°C, it has a body-centered cubic lattice structure, which is called β-titanium. Utilizing the different characteristics of the above two structures of titanium, adding appropriate alloying elements to gradually change the phase transition temperature and phase content to obtain titanium alloys with different structures. At room temperature, titanium alloys have three matrix structures, and titanium alloys are divided into the following three categories: α alloys, (α+β) alloys and β alloys. China is represented by TA, TC, and TB respectively.

It is a single-phase alloy composed of α-phase solid solution. Whether it is at normal temperature or at a higher practical application temperature, it is α-phase, with stable structure, higher wear resistance than pure titanium, and strong oxidation resistance. At a temperature of 500°C to 600°C, it still maintains its strength and creep resistance, but it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its strength at room temperature is not high.



Product Dental titanium disc
Grade GR1, GR2, GR5, 6AL4V Eli
Standard ASTM F67, ASTM F136
Specification Diameter:98mm,98.5mm Th:customize
Features low density, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

Supply TC4 GR5 Machined And Corrosion ResistanceTitanium Cake 0


Competitive Advantage:

The company's main business: 1: Titanium materials: titanium plates, titanium rods, titanium wires, titanium tubes, titanium rings, titanium cakes, titanium forgings, titanium cubes, titanium strips, titanium foils, titanium flanges, titanium anodes, titanium target blocks, Titanium pipe fittings, titanium elbows, titanium tees, titanium concentric reducers, titanium standard parts, titanium processed parts, titanium special-shaped parts, etc. 2: Other non-ferrous metal materials: zirconium plate, zirconium tube, zirconium rod, zirconium target, zirconium cake , Zirconium ring, zirconium crucible, niobium plate, niobium rod, niobium tube, tantalum plate, tantalum rod, tantalum tube, etc. Three: Target material: titanium target, chromium target, zirconium target, nickel target, titanium aluminum target, nickel alloy target and alloy target. The company takes "quality and reputation" as its foundation, adhering to the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, quality excellence, customer satisfaction", and "superior quality, preferential price"



Advantages of titanium in aviation, petrochemical, metallurgy, electroplating, vacuum coating, sports and other industries: 1, acid and alkali corrosion resistance. 2. Small density and light. Density of titanium: 4.51. 3, high temperature resistance. Low temperature resistance, wide range of use.