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Industrial Titanium Alloy Bar Air Cooling Annealed 6 - 120mm

Place of Origin Shanxi China (mainland)
Brand Name NewFuture Titanium
Minimum Order Quantity 1kg
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Inner packaging:plastic bag packaged with supporting thing inside Outer packaging:plywood case with strips as you request
Delivery Time Depend on real situation,AS general:2-15days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card, Money Gram
Supply Ability 10 ton
Product Details
Heat Of Vaporization 425 KJ Mol−1 Specific Heat Capacity 25.060 J·mol−1·K−1
Oxidation States 4, 3, 2, 1 (Amphoteric Oxides) Electronegativity 1.54 (Pauling Scale)
Atomic Radius 147 Pm Covalent Radius 160±8 Pm
High Light

TC4 Titanium Industrial Bar


Annealed Titanium Alloy Bar


6mm Titanium Alloy Bar

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Product Description

Ф6~120 Mm Titanium Alloy Rod





Heat Treatment

Titanium alloy annealed by air cooling to room temperature is almost all β-phase titanium alloy; β-phase stable elements such as molybdenum, vanadium, chromium, iron are the main alloy components, and there are four grades of titanium, molybdenum, vanadium, and titanium, vanadium, and aluminum. According to the different grades, the performance changes are as follows: the tensile strength is 690~1400MPa, the elongation is 6%~10%, and the fatigue limit is 400~620MPa.

TC4 titanium rods are widely used in aerospace, chemical and manufacturing fields. Advanced titanium alloys can be divided into many kinds. According to the composition in equilibrium state and metastable state, TC4 titanium alloy rods can be divided into a-type near-o-type, a+B-type: near-B-type: B-type and full-B-type, etc. : According to the performance characteristics, it can be divided into structural titanium alloy, thermal strength titanium alloy, corrosion-resistant titanium alloy and functional titanium alloy: according to the application field, it can be divided into aerospace titanium alloy and non-aerospace titanium alloy.

The microstructure of Ti-6A1-4V alloy steam turbine rotor blades is abnormal. The effects of two thermal treatments on the microstructure and properties of Ti-6A1-4V alloy were studied, and the effect of forging heating temperature on the microstructure of the material was investigated Explore. The research results show that the abnormality of the structure of the Ti-6AI-4V alloy steam turbine rotor blade is caused by the forging heating temperature is too high or the heating time is too long. All the schemes can meet the performance requirements of the product blank, and the direct aging performance after forging is better.






Type Titanium rods/bar
Dia 4-200mm
Length Max. 6m
Grade GR1, GR2,GR4, GR5,GR7,GR9,GR12
Standard ASTM B348/ F136/ F67
TC4 chemical
composition (%):
TC4 contains the balance of titanium (Ti), iron (Fe) ≤ 0.30,
carbon (C) ≤ 0.10, nitrogen (N) ≤ 0.05,
Hydrogen (H)≤0.015, Oxygen (O)≤0.20, Aluminum (Al) 5.5~6.8,
Vanadium (V) 3.5~


Industrial Titanium Alloy Bar Air Cooling Annealed 6 - 120mm 0





Competitive Advantage:

The factory is located in Baoji Industrial Park, China Titanium Valley (East District), with a total area of 24,000 square meters. The main products are: titanium and titanium alloy rods and wires of various specifications, and can complete the fine processing of bar straightening, turning, grinding, etc.; titanium and titanium alloys various specifications forgings, heterosexual forgings, tube blanks; titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium alloy slab; titanium cake, titanium ring; of which Φ8mm titanium and titanium alloy various specifications forgings, anomalous forgings, tube blank; titanium and titanium alloy slab titanium and titanium alloy slab; titanium cake, titanium ring; of which Φ8mm titanium And titanium alloy disc has large unit weight, high precision, low loss and so on. The company has built a titanium material testing and inspection center to track product quality throughout the process and fully meet customer quality requirements.





The industrial application of titanium is very large. The industrial manufacturing industry is the largest consumer of titanium rods. Titanium's durability, light weight, corrosion and heat resistance, and cost-effectiveness make it a top priority for the industry. A wide variety of titanium parts are used in the industrial sector. Titanium is used in oil extraction, power plants, and extraction and processing plants.